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Welcome To OCTB (Formerly known as OCBT). We started as a cable network that would air repeats of other cable/network tv series back in 2008. Around late 2009/early 2010 we decided to change and be a network with our own series. We renamed ourselves to OCTB, Also known as October, on September 22nd 2010 and We opened for pilots on January 17th 2011. Our first television show picked up was titled "The Pay Off" later renamed to simply "Payoff" was due to premiere on October 8th 2011, however we made an announcement on July 29th 2011 that we have scrapped the show after the first 6 episode season was shot. They remain unaired to this day. Our first actual show was picked up on November 20th 2011 and was titled "Happy Go Lucky" during pilot stage and later retitled to "I'm Happy, Meet Lucky" and finally changed to "Meet Lucky" and premiered on July 18th 2012 with an 8 episode 1st season.

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